Deccessories is nothing more than a home-brewed concoction comprised of equal parts ingenuity, impatience, frustration, determination, boredom, and a desire to have fun.  If you mix all of those ingredients and shake violently, something’s bound to happen!  It may not always look good (and it may taste even worse), but every now and then, the concoction comes out “just right."

At Deccessories, every idea gets a fair shake.  We thoroughly explore and iterate on all of the ideas that come across our white board.  Oftentimes, some of the crazy ideas lead to innovations in more moderate concepts.  So, we strive to throw every idea at the wall and do what we can to make them stick.  The unifying theme for all of our concepts and products is to bring a refreshing new approach to some aspect of the decking industry – from tools, to software, to standalone consumer products.

The foundational basics of deck construction have remained constant for the better part of a century. By taking the status quo of the decking industry and mixing in a bit of instability and disruption, the team at Deccessories hopes to shatter the archaic stereotypes of what “has to be” and open up the possibilities of “what could it be?”  Welcome to the “Deck-nological Revolution”!


Tools for Contractors

We combine our industry experience with a perpetual new look at how to best approach common tasks, resulting in faster and better methods and tools for contractors.

Accessories for Homeowners

While we understand what contractors need to get the job done, we never lose sight of the fact that we’re all homeowners as well.  To that end, we bring our innovative approach to products designed for homeowners as well as contractors.